Economists are predicting a worldwide financial recession as the business world continues to struggle in the wake of the pandemic. With people worried about their income and spending a lot less money than normal, the competition for customers will only increase in your business sector.

Many brands pivoted to an online sales channel during the pandemic as the lockdowns and quarantines made normal shopping habits all but impossible. A lot of brands found that with the money they saved on overhead and infrastructure costs, the online sales channel made a lot more sense than reverting to the traditional way of doing business. So, they’re standing fast and sticking with the new business model. And this is where having a partner SEO agency in Malaysia can be crucial.

Concentrated Competition

The new online business model has some problems of its own. When your only sales channel is online, you compete directly with every other regional business in your category. Instead of having the luxury of geographical space separating you from your local competitors, you’re all competing for the same top ranking on a single page. Your customer base can conveniently pick and choose which brand to give their business to.

Instead of your customers dealing with a familiar face, the ‘order and ship’ nature of online business means the transaction is increasingly faceless. You lose the ability to win business by your convenient location or personal service. You have to rely more on your Google ranking, the quality and experience of your SEO partner, and your digital marketing activities.

Many brand owners and managers may feel that they’re losing control of their business by the lack of faces they see under the new online way of conducting business. And with the threat of a recession looming on the horizon, they’re justifiably nervous.

Trust Your Partner

But now is the time when you should be putting more trust in your online sales channels as the best way to weather any coming financial storm. Remember how impressed you were by your savings in overhead and infrastructure? Now is the time to reap the benefits of those savings.

The problems of your competitors being on the same page as your brand is overcome by doubling down on your marketing activities and increasing the quality of your website. Having a trusted SEO partner allows you the freedom to easily expand your marketing activities and place your brand name firmly in front of your competitors.

Having an experienced SEO partner also allows you to keep tabs on the activities of your competitors while tending to your own business operations. It’s enlisting a whole new department of specialists to deal with an unforeseen situation. But this department is determined to be with you for the long term.

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