Almost everybody familiar with casinos will have heard of keno games. These games are often played in modern casinos and online casinos. Most people say keno games are too high risk and the possibilities of winning are also non-existent. They believe this because the probability of keno games is quite high and it gets incredibly higher and as the number of spots on a ticket is increased. You could win up to two million dollars on a one-dollar ticket if you hit it big on keno games. This is why the winning probability is very low. We do not intend to teach you how to win this amount of money on keno games because keno games are like any other gambling activity and you are more likely to lose than win. However, you should be able to increase your likelihood of winning with the tips we have provided below.

Tips for winning at Keno games

Take time to study the rules

If you want to win good money at keno games, you should take the time to study the rules of the game. You should know the exact number of spots you want to play and you should pick your number accordingly. The goal is to have the exact outcome of numbers and that rarely happens. So, if you pick five numbers and you get three correctly, you would win money. This money gets higher if it is four out of five and then you get the full package if you get them all correctly.

Know the exact keno game

Keno games can vary from casino to casino and you should take your time to know what kind of keno games the casino offers. You should have all the information about the maximum number of spots you can play, the minimum bets you can play, your potential pay-outs, the chance of matching your numbers, the number that frequently hit, and so on.

Look for casinos with a higher payout

A casino cannot all have the same payout rates even though they offer the same number spot selection. You must check out a few casinos and opt for the one with the highest payout. An example of such casinos is Casino777. Indeed, it is safe to affirm that if you are going to hit a major jackpot, you want it to be at the best place possible. This will contribute to your overall gaming experience.

Bet small amounts

If you are going to get lucky with keno games, you will be getting far more than you stake. As a beginner, it is never wrong to stake on only small amounts on large games. After all, you are learning how the game works while acclimatizing yourself with the required tips that can help you win more. During this period, a mistake won’t be too costly. If you plan to stake a substantial amount of money, you should choose a smaller number of spots.

Stick to smaller spot numbers

Keno is not generally a game that gives consistent profits. However, if you stick to a smaller spot number, you will enjoy more profit. It is always better to pick lesser spot numbers.


Keno games have emerged as one of the most popular casino games among punters across the far reaches of the globe, thanks to players’ ability to choose their risk level. Besides this, Keno games are one of the few games you can win a lot of money by staking a token. Even though it rarely happens, following the tips we have outlined above will greatly improve your chance of winning and winning big.

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