If you have ever walked through a display home, you can understand why they help the builder get sales. It is a simple concept of marketing and sales that works by sight. If you can see how wonderful the place looks, you will go out of your way to purchase it. If this will be your first walk through a display home, you are in for a treat. Either way, there are some things that you need to be aware of so you do not fall into their trap.

That is not to say that the builder is doing anything wrong. In fact, they are following a long line of contractors before them that successfully used this type of marketing to become successful. You must remember that they are doing everything they can to make a sale or two. So make sure you read through the following 10 things to look out for when inspecting a display home, and remember why you are there.

  1. Budget – You should already have a budget so you know exactly how much you can afford to pay. If not, you can download a free template from numerous places that will help you dig deep and give you a budget that you can live by.
  2. Research – Go online and research the builder and all other people who have their hands in the pot. Check their website and see how well people respond to them. Go through the reviews, but remember that not all people are happy, so avoid the worst ones. You also need to ignore the best because they may be paid reviewers. Go with the middle reviews for a more accurate portrayal of the builder and the sub-builders.
  3. What You Need – Before going to any display homes, sit down and write a list of what you need in a home, and then make a list of what you want. Finding a house that covers all our wants and needs may be challenging, but you can come close. Regarding these lists, you want to have more of your needs covered than your wants.
  4. Bring A Phone – Normally you would want to bring a camera so you can take lots of pictures to go over later, but your mobile phone will work better. You can snap all the necessary images and use your note application to jot things down.
  5. Ask Questions – If a question pops into your head while walking through the display homes, you need to ask them before you forget. Remember, the only dumb question is the one that you did not ask.
  6. Floorplan – You are walking through the display house to see if the floorplan works for you and your family. There will be many distractions in front of you, which you can take the time to enjoy. In the end, you need to focus on the floor plan and its usability regarding your specific needs.
  7. Check The Quality – The display home you are going through will have been built with extra care. However, you still need to check out the quality of the details, including the little details that will show the most. If the quality of this sales home is not up to par, you can bet that the house built for you will be worse.
  8. Know The Guarantees – Most builders understand that new homes will settle after they are built. Occasionally it will drop so much that you can get cracks in the sheetrock or foundation. Your builder should guarantee the home for the first few months, allowing them to fix the problem before it becomes a huge issue, making you happy and keeping them out of legal trouble.
  9. Look Into Yourself – After walking through the home the first time to get the basics out of the way, you will want to wander around without your phone. Look into yourself as you walk to see how the house feels. If it doesn’t give you a good feeling in the pit of your stomach, you may need to keep looking.
  10. Customer Service – An aspect of any business that can mean the difference between success and failure is also one of those things that you need to look for. If they have horrible customer service right off the bat, you will not want to see how terrible they are when you actually have a problem that you need to have addressed.

All this will help guide you through your journey of looking through display homes. The point is to get a feel for the home that you are thinking about buying and let you see it after it is built before it is made.

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