Car insurance is a necessary aspect of driving. It is also one that you would love to save some money on. You may have been led to believe that the policy you have, or the one you have had offered to you, is the best one you can get. That is what marketing is all about, so you should put that concept aside for now.

Whether you are just starting to look for a car insurance policy or if you already have one and are looking to save some money, following these 10 expert tips to help reduce car insurance quotes and bills will help.

  1. Improve Credit Report – The first thing you need to consider before saving money on your car insurance is your credit report. The higher your credit score is, the better your premiums will be. You want the highest number possible, so do what you can to improve it before applying for insurance policies.
  2. Good Driving Record – From the time you start driving, you should be doing your best to avoid accidents and follow the laws to ensure you do not get any tickets. The better your driving record is, the cheaper your car insurance will be.
  3. Take A Defensive Driving Course – If you are serious about wanting to save some money on your auto insurance, you need to take a defensive driving course. Even if you are already a defensive driver, the insurance carrier will not take your word for it. A certificate of completion from a reputable class will prove that you are serious when you say you are a safe driver.
  4. Bundle Insurance – If you have more than one vehicle, you must bundle the policies into one group. You can also check to see what discount you can get by bringing your other insurance contracts over to make it all into one big umbrella policy. The more insurance policies you have with one carrier, the more savings you can get.
  5. Compare Insurance Carriers – No two insurance carriers are the same, and no two car insurance policies will be the same. You need to go online to a comparison site, such as iSelect, and let them analyze your basic information to give you offers.
  6. Increase Your Excess Amount – Your excess amount, also known as your deductible, can be increased to many different levels. The higher you set it, the less your premiums will cost. You need to be careful when doing this, though, because even though it does lower your premiums, it increases the amount you will have to pay out of your pocket if a claim is filed.
  7. Let Them Track You – There are numerous ways that an insurance carrier can track how you drive. If you are a safe driver, you will want to check into this. The insurance agents will have you download an application onto your phone or send you a device to track specific actions you take while driving.
  8. Consider Your Vehicle – The more expensive your vehicle is to repair, the more expensive your insurance will be. If you have been in the market for a new car, go for one that is easy to repair and has readily available parts. You are better off going with a vehicle that is a few years old and is a common brand in your country.
  9. No Claims Discount – Many insurance suppliers will offer you a decent discount if you go through the previous year without filing a claim. This shows them that you are a low-risk client, so you should get the lowest rates that they have available.
  10. Pay Your Premiums Yearly – The agent will ask you if you want to pay for your premiums by the year or month. You need to opt for the yearly payment because it is cheaper in the long run and locks in the amount they charge you for the entire year.

These are the 10 expert tips on lowering your car insurance premiums. They are the most effective ways to reduce costs, but you must always ensure that the coverage is adequate for what you need. Never skimp on price if it decreases the coverage levels to the point of being worthless. You want the best coverage amounts at the lowest prices possible.

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